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“Even in economy class, the seats are wider than most American airplanes, there is a pedestal for the feet and the seats recline deeper. The service is excellent, very friendly and accommodating.We left on-time and arrived on-time. When flying again to Asia or SE Asia, I will definitely book ANA.” You are responsible for any additional charges as a result of any changes or cancellations to your booking. Subject to an airline’s policy, a change or cancellation may result in a credit to your Card account and/or a credit with the respective airline. In neither case will the points you redeemed for this flight be returned to you. Flight availability and prices of flights are subject to availability and set by the airlines.

“Everything went smoothly. The seats we comfortable and the food was pretty good. I would fly Asiana again without hesitation.” “Overrall Experience was very good. I told my other family members to always buy the tickets for Asiana airlines. Very Friendly staff.” “Fight was so late that i missed my connection. I allowed three hours. The flight was 2 1/2 hours late so there was not time to go threw customs.” “The seats are pretty uncomfortable and the flight out did not have a footrest so my feet were dangling and got numb at times. Our return flight had a footrest and that felt much better.” “Eva Air check in counter staff in Cebu, Philippines had a hard time with my Star Alliance Premier Gold status. They probably need more training with computers and dealing with Star Alliance members. They were very nice though, and apologetic for the inconvenience I had to go through.” “Great leg room, staff was very nice, food and entertainment was decent.” “Great service with professional staff. I would definitely fly with ANA again in the future and recommend them to others.” “Ground staff was very helpful, we had an overweight luggage and they kind out provided a complementary package box to redistribute the weight instead of charging us extra baggage fees. The flight attendants were caring and offered great service. The entretenimient system on board was easy to use and had a large library of movies.” “Good food. The seats were spacious enough. I used both the pillow and blanket provided. Lots of drinks were served keeping everyone hydrated. Enough staff to manage the needs of everyone.” “Friendly staff, comfortable seats, able to watch new release movies, good food.” “Absolutely great service and courteous crew. Was served drinks and water all the time. Would definitely recommend and fly JAL again.”

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One of the traits of a professional pilot is to set personal requirements that are stricter than Company regulations, and updating your EFB would seem to adhere to that trait. The fact that an updated EFB is critical to a compliant and safe operation should also instill a desire within the professional pilot to meet that requirement. Lastly, updating your EFB as prescribed should take less than one hour and this amount of time should definitely not be considered as onerous. The fastest flight time for direct flights from Hong Kong to Toronto is 16 hours 15 minutes. To find a great deal on Cathay Pacific flights with Travelocity, simply enter your origin and destination airports, pick your travel dates, and hit search. From here, you can sort by price, flight duration, and arrival/departure time. Cathay Pacific HKG-BNE-CNSThe route is operated by a A330 with reverse herringbone seats for business class. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last-minute flights to Vancouver from Bengaluru . “After allowing first and business class passengers if boarding is done from the tail end that makes things easier and less messy or chaotic. Many airlines does that way and it seems very much civilized approach.” “Onboard crew pleasant and service efficient as always. Seats more comfortable than other airlines but aisles so narrow EVERYONE bumped me going by for 15 hours.” Choosing Indigo was the worst thing that I did for an international connection. The staff is not at all helpful and they had 2 hours delay leading to issues with my connecting flight in Doha. “Singapore Airlines is my new airline, forget about any other airlines. They have very beautiful service and entertainment. Their staff and one of the best crews ever. I really love it.” “All over flight i feel good time, i don’t feel boring all friendly staff, good service choice of food i like.” “Everything about this flight was awesome. The food, the people, the seats in economy felt like first class. VERY polite and happy attendants compared to American Airlines who seemed to be annoyed by those on the flight.” “The seat cushions in economy class could be softer. My rear end was feeling it after the long 11 hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo.” If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Vancouver from Bengaluru up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last-minute flights to Vancouver from Hanoi. “I liked the efficiency of boarding and plenty of room for baggage. The food was enough and satisfactory. The movie selection was impressive. The staff was courteous and professional. Bathrooms were kept clean, flight was on time.” “The flight TPE – HAN was fine. The flight SFO-TPE was OK. The seat in premium economy did not recline properly. Service seemed to disappear for several hours during the flight. I am not as excited about using premium economy for my return. The seats in economy look very narrow.” “I wasn’t allowed to do online checkin so I got one of the few seats left in the middle. The flight was delayed 2hours. My standard carryon didn’t fit in the overhead bin. Overall it was poor.” If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Vancouver from Hanoi up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You should have the connecting flight’s boarding pass already from YVR. Upon deplaning at HKG, if the fore mentioned ground agent is not there, check for the gate number and departure time on monitors and figure out where is the gate . Nearly all CX operations are at the gates near the main terminal.

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Naturally, more serious offences (such as DD40 'Dangerous driving') severely affect your ability to hire a car. Less serious offences (such as CU30 'Using a vehicle with defective tyre/s') are less likely to stop you renting. But if you have too many points of any kind, the rental company won't hire you a car.

“In flight food service by cabin crew was spotty, sometimes they gave you coffee with dinner , sometime not, they are very forgetful. Please improve on this issue.” “On a 14 hour flight, staying well hydrated is very critical and difficult. It would have been nice for the crew to make more frequent trips through the cabin to offer just water refills to keep passengers hydrated and reduce plastic cup usage.” “Had Hindu vegetarian meals, which were good for airplane food and much better than the “standard” fare for the rest of the plane. The flight attendants were very nice and helpful.” That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Bengaluru to Vancouver. “Crew was not very friendly. Not enough staff for such a large plane. Food was not good and took a long time to get our first meal. Could not understand English announcements because she was not very fluent. Probably would not fly China air again.” “I had no idea Asiana is this nice. Crew, food and aircraft were all nice! Had a great time flying with them.” “This review is for my flight to Philippines only as I cancelled my return to Vancouver to go to Europe. Comfortable seats in a new plane. IFE had a good selection. Food was good. Crew were friendly and helpful. Price was reasonable. Sleeping masks and earplugs were provided in the lavatory.” “I had a question about my ticket and had to call customer service, and was speaking with a REAL PERSON who was actually helpful within 5 mins! An airline miracle. Very gracious checkin, Great inflight service.” “plane was 2 hours late, which sucks. they don’t tell you it is going to be 2 hours late. you couldn’t enter the boarding area until one hour before departure. if you you are familiar with Taiwan airport, then you know the a then they tell you the plane will be another hour late.” “The in-flight entertainment options (eg. movies) were limited compared with other airlines. However, we appreciated watching the local foodie guides to the Tokyo area.” “I think my negative impression of this flight was more due to the extreme turbulence and extra hour spent on the ground at Narita, which is always a challenging airport. The meals were passable, but hardly anything to be proud of, seats were cramped and flight was pretty uncomfortable.” “The 787 was quieter and felt very comfortable. The take off and landing were more smooth than I remember other flights being. The seats were quite comfortable and everything was very nice.” With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Hanoi to Vancouver. But some passengers are dedicated enthusiasts of the route, “particularly in the front of the aircraft. They are very pleased to get this level of service on a North American flight,” said Lacamp. Economy class passengers get some of the same, and have been happy to try out the Cathay Pacific flight, so they could also experience the airline’s heightened level of hospitality, he said. Unknown OLE error1To perform operation DriverLink must be specified To perform operation service must be activeGCannot deinstall a SQLite collation, while there are active connections? VARIABLE has missed right brace”VARIABLE has unsupported data typeÊnnot execute command. Not logged onlNo script commands registered. Only sigle dimensional simple type arrays are supportedqArray-typed variable [%s] unsupported element type [%d]. I had the task of getting her some foreign currency and chose Kingmark because they have 3 locations and since I drive around a lot I felt they’d be most convenient. I ended up at their Broadway location and was welcomed by a friendly staff. They were so nice that while checking my ID, one gentleman even recognized that it was my birthday that day and they all wished me so. It’s hard to make such a connection through glass in a secure environment so I was very impressed. I had looked up some rates online before going there and they were definitely the best rates. Redeem the fixed points amount towards the base ticket price, which is the cost of the flight excluding taxes, fees, and carrier surcharges. There’s a reason AC’s ASM costs are so much higher than WS’s and it’s not only because of union contracts and business class. There is a noticeable cost in being part of the full-interline/code-share world, and that cost is not just straight financial, but also in how it complicates aspects of the operation. The work will continue behind the scenes but we are also looking for any feedback you might have that you think we might be missing. Our membership continues to provide the CMP reps with concerns that some of the patterns being produced by JCP are fatiguing and may become unsustainable long term. Issues such as length of patterns and time spent at max body clock displacement are two of the main issues our reps have been hearing and passing along to the Company in the monthly reviews. To date, the amount of ASRF’s received do not reflect the concerns we are hearing on the line. While the CMP team and Company value your concerns, change can only occur when the data validates the issues we have been flagging for the past 12 months. We have reports of crew taking controlled rest, calling Unfit for a flight or pattern due to fatigue, without filing an ASRF. I know the ASRF form is cumbersome, however it is required for any of the above instances and we ask you to complete the e-form ASR-F and submit it for our data collection. This way we can see which patterns have issues or which issues may have been missed and then we can try and fix the pattern for future runs. November will be the first month for the 777 crews flying the Jepp patterns, which the 747 crew have been doing for over a year. Your reps have been involved in the process from the beginning, analyzing pattern examples each month, providing feedback, ideas and comments, which are hopefully used to improve the patterns.

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From the departure level, go the the connection hall, go up to departure level. You need to go through security check again before going upstairs. A select route requires a redemption of 20,000 points and the maximum base ticket price is $300. If an eligible flight for this route has a base ticket price of $350 plus $100 in taxes, fees and carrier surcharges (total cost of flight amounts to $450), then you will be required to redeem 20,000 points and will be charged $450; you will then receive a statement credit for $300 . If an eligible flight for this route has a base ticket price of $250 plus $100 in taxes, fees and carrier surcharges (total cost of flight amounts to $350), then you will be required to redeem 20,000 points and will be charged $350; you will then receive a statement credit for $250 . Under the Fixed Points Travel Program, a fixed number of points covers the base ticket price of eligible flights up to the applicable maximum base ticket price. The flight grid includes the fixed number of points with the corresponding applicable maximum base ticket price required per category. Meanwhile, the new Economy Class seat features a cradle mechanism that allows passengers to recline up to six inches and a headrest with four-way adjustable side wings as well as increased legroom. The Studio-CX in-flight touch screen entertainment system offers hundreds of hours of television shows and movies and passengers can stream audio and video from their personal devices into the nine-inch high resolution personal TV displays. Plus, a USB/power supply at each seat allows passengers to keep their electronic devices charged throughout the duration of the flight. The more flexible you are, the more affordable flights you’re likely to find. Consider one-way flights and connecting flights, as well as standard roundtrip and direct options. Even if you’re flying today, cheap last-minute flights are easy to find by entering your travel dates and hitting search. “The food was delicious! And they had a great selection of drinks at no additional price. The crew was very professional and welcoming. Overall so much better than any American airline I have flew with.” “Customer service from the cathy pacific crew are not good at all.. I flight business to and from asia to the USA at least 3-4 times a year.. cathy pacific was such a disappointment..” “The crew was professional and friendly. The flight was on time.” “Friendliness and efficiency of crew. Comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment.”

Flying Cathay Pacific Manila to Toronto gives you fights to choose from. With that direct flight time of , you’ll be touching down before you know it. Found within the past 7 days were CA $1,969 round trip and CA $1,153 one way. For destinations, BKK, DPS, SIN would definitely work. Double check if Cathay Pacific flies to HAN on your dates because I believe only Cathay Dragon operates that route. You wont be able to book Cathay Dragon with Alaska miles. If you want to visit even more destinations, Alaska’s intra-Asia award redemptions on JAL allow a stopover starting at 15,000 in economy and 25,000 in business. Unfortunately stopovers are not permitted on intra-Asia awards on Cathay Pacific. If you’ve never visited Australia, you can visit two cities on one award ticket with a stopover in Brisbane and then fly CX146 to Cairns .

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The flat-bed seat moves up to 11 inches so passengers can move it completely back to enjoy privacy or move it forward for conversation. A “precision toggle” allows guests to adjust the seat position to either lie fully back or sit up right. When fully flat, the seat – which becomes a bed at that point – is just over two metres long and a retractable armrest allows for more privacy. The project is progressing but at a much slower pace than first anticipated, the design phase was completed at the end of July and we are currently in the development phase. Front-end development is almost complete but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done on the back end. The website company selected by the EC is working hard to migrate all of the data from our existing site to the new one, which is on a different platform. This has to be done meticulously in order to prevent any data loss. We should expect to see a close to complete site by end of October as of the latest update given. We sent a letter to the Company in response to an iPad policy that has been inserted into Ops A without any consultation with AOA Canada. Much of this policy is in conflict with our CA and we have asked for the negotiation of an LOU, which will cover the policies involving the use of a company iPad by our membership. Until the situation has been resolved, we have informed the Company that our members not accept a company iPad. I know many of you are excited as to the prospect of going paperless in the flight deck but we ask you for your patience on this issue. Due to the nature of such an important issue for the Hong Kong pilots there will be a lot of talk in flight deck, especially if you find yourself with a Hong Kong crew. I would like to remind you that we have a valid CA and that in no way can any of our members be involved in any industrial action or action that would be seen to be hostile towards the Company.

  • “Lack of English movies on the ife. Mediocre headphones in business class.”
  • On a different note, is it me, or are the lines at security getting worse?
  • “Japan Airlines always, always, always takes such good care of us, especially with the kids. This flight was no exception. I had forgotten to reserve a kid’s meal for our kids (don’t forget, parents) and they went well out of their way to make sure that the kids had food that they would like.”
  • “The attendants were very nice and the food and drinks service was good (however, I believe I got sick from the food since I got food poisoning about 2-3 hours after landing from our 13 hour flight).”
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“The food was delicious and interesting. Also, the flight crew allowed me to sleep through the rest of the night after dinner service was complete.” “great food, staff and service. I like it when i can brush my teeth on a over night flight with disposable tooth brush and tooth paste.” “Great service for economy. Very attentive flight attendants.” KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Vancouver from Hanoi is likely to change within 7 days, so travellers know whether to wait or book now. Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and oneworld are the airline alliances operating flights between Hanoi and Vancouver, with Star Alliance being the most commonly used for this route. “These are tough times for Hong Kong, but we have great confidence in the city. The airport is 100% operational and open for business,” said Lacamp. He would not speculate on how or when the Hong Kong civil conflict will come to an end. Tourist arrivals to Hong Kong have dropped by almost 40% in August compared to a year earlier, said an official in the Hong Kong government recently. The flight has operated as the cross-continental leg in a route to Hong Kong from New York via Vancouver. But, in the case of these CX flights, passengers can fly across North America without having an onward flight to or from Hong Kong. The flights have operated for 23 years, using the seldom granted “fifth freedom” rights that allow an airline from outside of Canada or the United States to operate services between the two countries. More crucially, it allows a foreign offshore airline to book and sell the Canada-US segments. CX865 and CX888 are the designators for the daily Cathay Pacific flights that fly between Vancouver and New York City. They will be cancelled in April 2020, when Cathay Pacific terminates the service. KThe local machine must be a Kerberos KDC and it is not.qThe other end of the security negotiation is requires strong crypto but it is not supported on the local machine.5The KDC reply contained more than one principal name.OExpected to find PA data for a hint of what etype to use, but it was not found. %s,Value [%s] is out of range of [%s] data typeuColumn or function [%s] is not found. Record is not lockedFAssigning value [%s] is not compatible with column [%s] data type.

We greatly value customer loyalty and tailor our services to accommodate customer needs… UNITED ROYAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE LTD. is a money service business registered with Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada . As the global economy continues to expand and become more connected, there are more opportunities to grow your business than ever before. MoneyWay Currency Exchange is a premier currency exchange.We offer secure and convenient foreign exchange services for both private clients and local businesses. Everforex is committed to providing more prefessional, cost effective foreign exchange and fund transfer services to customers by integrating its advanced business practices and st… At ICE, we pride ourselves on being a foreign exchange provider that you can count on. We are in business in all major airport in Canada from Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa… We’ll work hard to reply to you quickly, but it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond. American Express can suspend or terminate the Fixed Points Travel Program at any time it deems necessary, and reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the flight grid above, at any time. The Fixed Points Travel Program applies to return airfares offered through American Express Travel Services Canada or To be eligible and be presented with this redemption option, you must have sufficient Membership Rewards points (“points”) at the time of booking. When booking for multiple travellers on the same itinerary, you must have enough points to cover all travellers. We are sorry to inform you that due to planned maintenance activity, there will be intermittent service disruption. During this time, Membership Rewards are unavailable to redeem. For best practices on efficiently downloading information from, including the latest EDGAR filings, visit You can also sign up for email updates on the SEC open data program, including best practices that make it more efficient to download data, and enhancements that may impact scripted downloading processes. It’s called a “point out” and we gives those to each other all the time, all day long. If the controller receiving the “point out” call has no traffic in the vicinity, and the plane will transit thru the area quickly, it’s just quicker to not speak to the plane. Between a terminal and tower, these need to be done over a hotline, but between 2 radar positions, there’s the option of doing a point out using the radar. Simply put, the plane will start flashing on the receiving controller’s scope and he’ll “accept” the point out by clicking on it. Ask for a “City Tour” and expect to be handed to Harbour Tower if it’s during their operating hours. If you tell them that you are flexible with your routing and willing to accept their recommendations for routing / headings / altitude, they usually will thread you through their zone in the most efficient manner, often far more efficiently than following the paths on the VTA. Occasionally, things are really busy, and they will ask you to ‘take the long way around’, but hey, that’s life. They are also quite alert to the fact that the pilots of single engine planes might want to fly a bit higher over the water than those of us in twins, and on many occasions I have heard them offering higher altitudes to aircraft. 3) Once again it depends on the time of day/traffic/etc. Coming back to the lower mainland one night just past midnight I was allowed to cross from Gabriola direct to Boundary Bay and further east at 7500′.

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As someone with family living in Taipei a stopover here is much preferred than Hong Kong on a trip from North America to South Korea/Japan. Make it your stopover city on route to Singapore on Cathay Pacific flight 711. As much as I love making a pit stop in Hong Kong, if I was travelling to Singapore, a stopover in Bangkok seems like the better choice. The tandem of cities would satisfy both the resort and city traveler in you. The route is operated by their 777 four class configuration which means international First Class is available on this flight. The knock on Alaska is that they are not part of a global alliance and they only allow you to redeem an award ticket with one partner per one way. Although you can still add positioning flights on Alaska Airlines, you wont be able to add a flight on JAL to a flight on Cathay Pacific as you would be accustomed to doing on an oneworld award ticket. “The entertainment system didn’t work. Very long flight to not have entertainment. No plugs for personal devices. It looked like an older plane.” “No food, drinks, or entertainment. But it was an extremely short flight.” “Great polite and personable crew. Quality food snacks that accompany the beverage.” “Flight was delayed … wish I had received text notice instead of email so I could have enjoyed the extra hours of vacation instead of sitting at airport.” “Delta offers a decent product on most of their fleet but the 717 or MD-88/90 can be extremely loud at the back of the plane. You better bring ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones and learn to read the flight attendants lips.” “No one would reissue me a ticket for the next flight. Delta and West Jet kept saying the other company should do this, and in the end no one did and I had to purchase another ticket.” “TV controls didn’t work. So I couldn’t watch anything for the 4+ hour flight.” “Did not assign seat at check in. Had to go to gate and check in. Staff handled it well, but it was inefficient. Wasted time dealing with it.”

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I thought this was also true for Cathay Pacific with a single hub in Hong Kong … until I remembered Cathay operates several flights between cities outside of Hong Kong which would open up more stopover cities, including one close to home. “The service and snack selection is better than the other large US carriers. Delta studio is a decent replacement for the lack of PTVs on these planes.” “Had a middle seat between two other men. I was given my seat by the gate. It would have been nice if they placed my more strategically. That might be asking too much but seems reasonable.” Poor guidance and communication at just about every level. We were given bad info from the people who should have had the answers we needed and this all but guaranteed we missed our connecting flight. “Beautiful plane and it was well kept. Nice service. Very soft landing.” “The other guests were loud and rude on the flight and none of the staff seemed to care.” “Mostly the amazing staff on the airplane… I’m pregnant and the staff at JFK were very unpleasant and rude.” “Average flight. Nothing special. Pleasant flight crew.” “Really good flight, no complaints here. Friendly and efficient staff.” “The crew was average. Few of them were hospitable and friendly.” “My wife didn’t get veg food she is looking for. We asked crew and they said they don’t have.” “I get the whole more leg room argument, but sitting on a piece of plastic with almost no padding for 14 hours is nothing but torture! Food was average at best.” “The process of checking in is difficult because qatar codes are different from asiana, therefore I couldn’t do an online check in.” Check-in at Bangalore airport was horrible experience. “Always great and efficient service. Comfortable despite the limitations of the plane itself (don’t particularly like Airbus planes).” “Great service. Really friendly and polite. Lots of current movies and TV shows to watch and provided earbuds with adaptors. Made the experience a lot more pleasant.” “Despite booking Hindu vegetarian meal, chicken was served. The seats were too uncomfortable and no space at all.” “Inflight entertainment wasn’t as extensive as in previous years.” “My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more frequent offers for water refills during the flight, since water cups are so small and staying well hydrated on flights is difficult but essential.” “For my entire flight back I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I had to change my clothes and it still didn’t help very much. My meals were also pretty bad on the way back, which is odd because they were not bad on the way there. It was definitely one of the worst flights that I’ve ever had, mostly because of the heat.” “The crew was very nice and pleasant. They were very accommodating as well.” “No direction for the connecting flight and no help to understand the connecting flights.” Delayed on boarding and take off NRT-MNL, affecting my transportation in MNL. Work on boarding earlier and meeting or exceeding scheduled take off times. There are no direct flights connecting Bengaluru to Vancouver. “Arrived to Honolulu on time. Friendly and helpful crew.” “My baggage was damaged on an earlier flight and China Airlines is simply not available to fix the matter. Ground staff are not their employees and they do nothing about it except pass you on to talk to people at the next destination…who are also not able to do anything.” “The crews were unorganized and rude. The food has no taste.” “All staff were really attentive and delivered an excellent service quickly and efficiently.” “Overall flight was OK. Seems like a good value for the price paid.” “Sorry, I’m always picky about the thinness of the seat cushions, the meals, and the IFE. But I still rate China Airlines as the best affordable Chinese Airlines I’ve flown. And it’s super convenient that China Airlines flies out of Ontario CA now. ONT vs LAX. It’s a no brainer. ONT every time.” “Answered above. The seats looked bigger and better but the equipment looks tired.” “I smelled the breakfast food, but it was “optional” or something? We had to ask for it special; I must have missed the announcement. Don’t know why they didn’t just serve it with over an hour before we reached destination.” “The food and drinks were up to par but not great Convenient arrival/departure times..” “Air was centrally controlled and no individual seat air nozzle. So when you are hot there is no directional air nozzle. There’s no power source. On the 777 plane. Movies were Korean.” “The flight attendant service were attentive unlike US counterparts.” “Very polite crew, modern and clean aircraft, lots of leg room, and great food.” “Entertainment options are limited. The movies and tv selection is small for long distance flights.” “It was difficult to do any pre-boarding checkin via the app.”

Runway 08 was active and a CX plane was vectored to final below me at 3000′ so no conflict. Other times during the day looking to go west direct Tofino from the VOR I would be limited to 4000′ for a few miles and then cleared higher when no conflicts existed. For the safest and most convenient VFR flight between the mainland and the island it makes sense to talk to someone who can point out traffic and give you an altitude sufficient to glide to shore, if that fan in front of your plane ever stops turning. Note that there is a requirement for a Mode C transponder in the general area, so even if you aren’t talking to anyone they know where you are at their boundaries, including vertically, e.g. when flying below their airspace. Depends on the day – today Vancouver terminal is short-staffed, and not allowing any VFR traffic above 2,500. Most of the time we’re asked to descend if we’re above 4,500 feet. Although this has nothing to do with the interline agreement. We have jumpseat agreements with many companies with which we have no other commercial relationship. Might be a “baby steps” thing, the execution of this company has me a little befuddled. The inbound interline agreement allows guests to board a Cathay Pacific flight and travel on one itinerary to select destinations in WestJet’s network. Initially, connections will be made through the gateways of Vancouver and Toronto, with the option to continue via WestJet to Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montréal and Halifax. Cathay Pacific has recently invested more than HK$3-billion (approximately $390-million) into its products, namely the seats but also its lounges, according to Lau. The new Premium Economy Class now offers wider seats with a 38 inch seat pitch, a bigger recline & a four-position adjustable head rest, and a 10.6 inch personal TV featuring the same on demand audio and video offering as Business Class. Front-row seats come with a leg rest while the others feature a three-position footrest. Lines were longest to sample the new Business Class seats, though it would seem using the word “seat” to describe them is selling them short.

“7-hour flight delay. If this was a European flight we would have been entitled to at least $250 for our inconvenience. We were not offered anything to compensate us for a 7hour delay, which was ridiculous.” “The flight crew could have been more attentive. Jackets and coats were not collected during preboarding until last minute, by then I had already put mine away.” “Another passenger request me move to a window seat from a front row with leg room seat and it was hard for a big guy to go to and from washroom. Plane was hot and sweat throughout the flight making it very uncomfortable. Ran out of food choices for breakfast really fast.” “We were lucky the flight wasn’t full. Had decent leg room using three seats for the two of us.” “I was fairly squished on this flight at 6’2″ with my knees almost touching the seat in front of me. I had more space on another Cathay flight and I think I had a seat in the same class. I took off my shoes and that helped me get a little more room to spread my feet/legs out to get comfortable.” “I really enjoy this airline. The flight was good with good entertainment system. I like the provided pillow and blanket and they make sure the cabin is dark and quiet for sleeping. Food is decent with generous amounts and snacks always available to go and grab.” “Ran out of food choices on all 3 services. Late boarding.” “Boarding on time. Crew was very nice except food option.” “Poor service, didn’t get to sit with rest of our party, food average, overbooked flight, no room for luggage storage.” While boarding at Qatar at Gate C1 there was a women called Samreen and I wasn’t even asking her for help, I was talking to another crew member and I just requested him for a window seat when he asked why I said I was claustrophobic so I would prefer. I just requested I didn’t yell at anyone but this crew member- Samreen yelled at me in front of everyone which was very rude and embarrassing. “The flight was delayed by 2 hours and they changed the gate from one end of the terminal to the other . The waiting area was cramped. This being the home of Singapore Airlines, the way managed this entire thing was pathetic. Boarding announcements were also confusing.” “All crew members are very friendly and helpful, good service.” “Service with a smile goes even longer for long flights. Excellent service throughout the flight. Loved the feeling of spaciousness, even in Economy. Great sleep as a result.” “Great flight, great staff. The food wasn’t bad either.” “The flight attendants are the most professional and attentive employees I’ve ever had the pleasure to be served by.” Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly to Vancouver with an airline and back to Bengaluru with another airline. In the last 72 hours, the cheapest one-way ticket from Bengaluru to Vancouver found on KAYAK was with British Airways for C$ 1,255. Delta proposed a round-trip connection from C$ 2,119 and Japan Airlines from C$ 2,183. 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 1,162 or less one-way. “Economy seats are very small. Should have went premium economy.” “Horrible seating, entertainment needs to be updated. Customer service at counter not so good.” “The only thing, was the seats are too small. For a long international flight like this it’s tough sitting in that middle seat.” “Crew was nice. We would have missed a connecting flight, but the airline arranged for late arrivals. The only thing was they didn’t tell us this and we ran to the gate anyway. Entertainment was free and had a fair selection.”

  • In September we also welcomed our US resident members into the plan.
  • I ended up at their Broadway location and was welcomed by a friendly staff.
  • Check-in at Bangalore airport was horrible experience.
  • Might be a “baby steps” thing, the execution of this company has me a little befuddled.
  • More adjustments coming it looks like to a few stations.

Already assigned to [%s] and cannot be shared across few datasets6Dataset connection does not match to called connection Table [%s] must have primary keyWLocal SQL engine misusage by [%s]. The Fixed Points Travel Program takes the guesswork – and frustration – out of planning, with fixed points amounts for eligible flights, regardless of when you travel. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. For security purposes, and to ensure that the public service remains available to users, this government computer system employs programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage, including attempts to deny service to users. As far as proximity to VFR points is concerned, the answer is “it depends”. If the point is adjacent to YVR or nearby IFR traffic they might complain if you are a off by a few hundred feet, but if you are the only plane around and cutting the corner of East Point en route to YYJ you probably won’t get spanked. You might find it helpful to program the VFR waypoints’ lats/longs into your GPS before you fly the area. Call them up and tell them who you are, where you are, and what you want . If you are professional they will often give you a direct routing even if there is a NOTAM saying that their services are restricted due to capacity. It usually depends what runway is in use at YVR and how much traffic is around. For tagging baggage through on YYC-YVR-HKG this has been available for awhile. There is just a physical transfer of the bag at the connection point. The passenger just needs to show the originating agent that they hold an ongoing reservation and the baggage tag can be produced providing the computer allows baggage transfer to specified airlines. WestJet has also entered into a baggage agreement with Dragon Air, Cathay Pacific’s subsidiary regional carrier. This agreement will allow guests to have their bags checked all the way through for journeys that include a combination of WestJet, Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air flights. There is no indication that the Company expects to use 2 SO’s for flying to and from North America. It seems at this time it is limited to Europe and South Africa.

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