UPDATE: $1,000,000 in Stimulus Checks Given to Charities and People in Need

It was announced in March that due to the pandemic and the federal government’s response, about 150 million Americans would be eligible to receive checks of up to $1,200. The purpose of this money was to provide immediate relief for those who had lost income due to COVID-19, as well as stimulate the economy that had been essentially shut down.

SharetheStimulus.org came as a response to the stimulus checks and the question of whether or not every individual who would be receiving one really needed the money. Share the Stimulus was founded not as a way to collect money, but as a platform to encourage and track a movement of generosity as individuals who didn’t need the money pledged to share their stimulus checks with those who needed the money more.

In the last month, we’ve spread the word through social media, partnered with nonprofits to start their own stimulus campaigns, and prompted church and community leaders to use their platforms to invite others into the movement.

In response to these efforts, we’ve received over 2000 pledges amounting to $1,054,652 shared with those in need — and counting! 

We’ve been inspired by the selfless generosity of so many who have shared a portion or all of their stimulus checks. In sharing, many have told us why they chose to give and where their money went. Some donated to their favorite charities doing COVID relief work. Some gave to friends and family members in need. Others gave to complete strangers who were struggling in the face of the virus.

People have been excited to give and eager to use this unplanned for check to make a difference. One pledger shared, “‘Generosity’ is normally something commended to upper-middle-class and wealthy people. But this felt like a ‘generosity for the rest of us’ idea. We can all realize our affluence and identify others with greater needs than we have.”

Are you looking for a way to make a difference during this time? Click here 
to pledge to share your stimulus! 

* Cover image credit goes to Children’s HopeChest

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