Stimulus Checks, Black Lives Matter, and Your Role in Fighting Injustice

If the past few months have revealed anything it’s the disparity that exists here in America. While COVID-19 has impacted almost everyone around the world, it’s important to remember that some have been impacted far more than others, largely due to the economic and racial disparities that plague our country still today.  

One anonymous Share the Stimulus pledger shared why she and her husband decided to give all of their stimulus money to those in need: 

“My husband and I are relatively stable. We both have been able to keep our jobs in at least some capacity. But even if we didn’t, we know how fortunate we are. We don’t have debt from school or medical bills, and we have savings in the bank. We have food in our bellies and a roof over our head. We have each other. So we wanted to address the lack that others are facing.”

Unfortunately, the “lack” is everywhere and has been disproportionately prevalent in black communities during this time. 

Early COVID-19 data suggests that the virus has disproportionately impacted people of color. In early April, Chicago reported that 72% of the people who died of the virus were black, while people of color only account for one-third of the city’s population. According to NPR, “in 32 states plus Washington D.C., blacks are dying at rates higher than their proportion of the population.”

While it’s hard to say exactly why this is happening, there are several disparities that could be at play, including lack of access to healthcare and preexisting conditions due to lack of healthy food, clean water, and exposure to air pollution.   

COVID-19 isn’t the only force disproportionately impacting people of color. 

In the last month, we’ve also been faced with the facts when it comes to police brutality against black people and the rampant racism that exists in America today — a reality people of color have been living in for centuries. In the wake of the deaths of innocent black men and women, our country is making space at last for the voices of black activists and many have been prompted to amplify their cries. 

The same anonymous donor shared how they chose to give, saying, “We gave half of our check to our local food bank to address physical need caused by the pandemic, and we gave half to Campaign Zero, a police reform organization, to address systemic need brought to light, particularly by recent events.” 

Share the Stimulus was started as a campaign to spread generosity in the wake of COVID-19, but as we’re faced with new needs, new problems, and new cries for justice, we’re inspired by those who are choosing to pledge to use their checks to partner with the black community and their fight for equality. 

Click here if you’re looking for ways to share your stimulus as a way of supporting this cause! 

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