Inspiring Community Support for Denver Transformational Housing Project

Mile High Ministries, one of Share the Stimulus‘s partner nonprofits, is a Denver organization committed to “helping communities across the metro area see and connect with the growing numbers of poor and marginalized people within their own neighborhoods.”

As a ministry, their main focus for the last several years has been Joshua Station which is a “community for families who are rebuilding their lives.” 

Amy Jackson, Joshua Station’s Program Director explained that the community outside of the restrictions of COVID-19 is “a thriving, vivacious place to be —  lots of activities, lots of families interacting with each other, lots of kids out playing, and lots of programming going on.” 

In the wake of COVID-19, the organization had to make the difficult decision to the temporarily shut down the majority of their typical in-person programming and close down the kitchen, which is the main gathering space for their community members.

Jackson explained, “When we decided to close the kitchen, I think it really represented much more than just their ability to cook. It represented their ability to be together and their ability to have those connections that have become so important to them in their lives.” 

However, due to the help of their community of volunteers, the Joshua Station families are adjusting and seeing the blessings that have come, even in the midst of this trying time. 

In a recent blog post, Jackson thanked the community for their support, saying, “From the first message I sent on March 19 about our urgent needs for food, supplies, and finances, you showed up – hundreds of you. Showed up with toilet paper and taco trucks. Ten dollar gifts and thousand dollar gifts. Calls, notes, and emails of encouragement. Prayer.”

Watch the video below to see how Joshua Ministries has continued to love and support their residents in the midst of COVID-19. If you’re able, consider pledging to share your stimulus check with Joshua Station to help them continue the important work they’re doing! 

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