How Neighbors Across the Country are Using Nextdoor to Spread Hope and Kindness

While COVID-19 has caused immense pain and suffering for many, it has also inspired a newfound sense of togetherness and giving in communities across the country. 

In the past, Nextdoor has been a virtual hub for finding the best local plumber, telling other neighbors about suspicious whereabouts, or buying used furniture. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, neighbors have been using the platform to provide help and hope in a time of desperate need. 

Nextdoor now even has a dedicated page to discuss the various ways you can use the platform to help others during this time.

They state that they’re seeing “members offering help, requesting assistance, and discussing ways to safely support small local businesses.” They added, “We love seeing your efforts and want to make it even easier for our neighbors to continue to support each other during this uncertain time.” 

Nextdoor has recently been sharing some of the most inspiring posts on their Instagram!

From quirky to heartwarming, here are five ways people are using Nextdoor to spread love and hope during this time: 


1. Offering Kids a “Whimsical” Porch Visit 

Parents and kids alike, we’re all getting a bit stir crazy. For most children, COVID-19 has meant missing out on most of the many joys of childhood – playgrounds, time with friends, end of school festivities, and so on. This neighbor decided to get creative and offer a fun visit to brighten the days of kids (and parents too) who might be struggling with quarantine blues. 

2. Showing Some Love On the Holidays

One of the many social downsides of this virus has been not being able to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. On top of social distancing guidelines, many individuals who have lost jobs can no longer to buy gifts to celebrate their loved ones. This sweet neighbor decided to spread the love on Mother’s Day and offer to send cards and even have flowers delivered for those who couldn’t afford to. 

3. Saying Thank You

If we’ve learned one thing from this tragedy it’s that healthcare workers are heroes! This Nurse Practitioner hopped on Nextdoor to thank someone who decided to pay for her groceries at Trader Joe’s, saying, “I really hope you live nearby and can see this. I cried in my car because sometimes we don’t get a lot of thank yous on the job.” 

4. Inspiring More Random Acts of Kindness 

This woman shared another heartwarming story of how a neighbor paid for her cart of groceries when she realized she didn’t have her card on hand. She wrote, “Amid this horrific tragedy, there are invaluable lessons to be learned & changes to be made. I am saving this receipt from my experience today so I can be reminded every day!”

5. Encouraging People to Share the Stimulus

One neighbor got on Nextdoor hoping her post would encourage others to give away their stimulus checks if they didn’t need the money. She shared that her family didn’t need the entire amount they received as part of the stimulus and that they decided to give some away.

She said, “We paid the hairdresser for the haircuts we are missing out on this month, we paid the cleaning ladies for the cleaning appointment we are missing this month, we passed out gift cards to the hard working grocery story clerks that have kept a smile on their faces through all this mess.

Whether it’s sharing the stimulus with those in need or offering to skate by in a shark costume to cheer a kid up — we love seeing these inspiring neighbors display what it truly looks like to be in community. 

If you’re looking for a creative way to give back during this time, click here and pledge to share a portion of your stimulus check with someone in your community who is in need! Be sure to tell us how you shared and we’ll feature your story on our blog and social media! 

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