From A CrossFit Gym to a Navajo Reservation — Here’s How One Stimulus Check is Making a Difference

During this unprecedented time, there are so many needs and it can feel intimidating knowing how and where to give.  While giving during this time doesn’t, by any means, need to be “creative,” here’s a story of how one family chose to use their stimulus to support their neighbor, their city, and a struggling community.

In response to the Share the Stimulus movement, the family shared that they were excited for the accountability of the project, saying, “I was hoping to find some creative ways to give, but I just hadn’t done it yet. Thanks for that!”

The anonymous donor shared that they would be giving to several different people and causes. The first area they chose to give was close to home — quite literally. They shared that they would start by giving a portion of their check to help the owners of their CrossFit gym, which is just down the road from their home.

They decided to share another portion of their stimulus check with an organization called Love Beyond Walls, based in Atlanta, GA. Year round the organization serves the homeless population, however, as the pledger explained, “right now they have been so compassionate and creative to put up hand washing sinks all around the city. Now cities all over the country are following their lead!”

Lastly, they chose to use a portion of their check to combat the sad reality that many Native American communities are facing during this crisis. She shared, “We gave some to a private church ministry reaching out to elderly and vulnerable folks on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Many people don’t have running water or electricity on the reservations, so the needed hygiene is lacking for them. COVID rates for Native Americans in AZ are much higher than the rest of the state.”

Are you looking to share your stimulus check with those who are hurting the most during this time? Click the button below to pledge to share a portion of your stimulus check and then go make a difference in your community!

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