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On Friday, Rich Dyson, Karen Smith and I attended the Xmas party for the East High Interact Club, together with about 40 students and the social studies teacher advisor Kimberly Liland. This club will grow out of several clubs already in existence at East under Kim’s enthusiastic and able lead. I brought 7 pizza pies from Costco, and the Interact banner and bell I borrowed from the West High Interact Club. Kim liked how the sound of the bell got students’ attention quickly! On Monday morning, the East High Interact Club met under the new guidance of Kim Liland, a teacher who leads many groups in the school. Karen gave a talk about what is Interact and spoke about the upcoming RYLA program. We are sponsoring 2 students for RYLA and Karen invited students present to consider applying. Karen also presented Mrs. Liland with a check from our club for $1000, which will be deposited in the club’s account for use with necessary expenses. Our exchange student Adam Szabo assisted Minda Thon and Gloria Castenada to greet people at the front door. I mentioned again for people to keep Adam in their minds when they make plans. Adam passed out a list of things that he would like to do in the remaining months of his time here. This weekend I understand he will be using his season pass at Alyeska. Last weekend he attended the winter orientation for youth exchange in Wasilla. The teacher advisor John Ruhlin discussed with the group how they might go forward in a project to assist homeless students at West. The club seemed interested in the idea of distributing backpacks to people. I reached out to our Rotary District to see if PDG Harry Kieling’s backpack project might give them about 10 backpacks to fill with things like a water bottle, pencil and paper, etc., and then distribute. This year our club obtained a district grant to help counter the effects of Typhoon Yolanda which hit the Philippines in 2013. This project expands to 22 homes the current wastewater treatment system for Bacolod City being built by iHomes. Together with Rotary clubs from Australia and the Philippines, we are working to financially support local efforts to expand the current wastewater system. For the purposes of this month’s theme, Sandra and Bruce have also been using the benefits of current technology to supply water filters to poor communities who cannot rely on the purity of their water supply. For very little money, a simple but effective system can be set up to guarantee pure water. On Tuesday Jeff Blake and I attended the meeting of the West High Interact Club. The teacher advisor John Ruhlin and ten students were there. The club is getting close to delivering the backpacks, which Harry Kieling brought over, to the school registrar for distribution to homeless students. Target has donated a $100 gift card which will probably be used for water bottles for the backpacks. The club also discussed at length a cap and gown recovery effort. They discussed how to best market the idea to West High seniors. Here is an example of a completed district grant which might have been conceived as a Global Grant. The City of Upper Kalskag, Alaska, improved its water system by virtue of a district grant submitted during Jeff Blake’s year as president of our club from ’12 – ‘13. The project was to purchase a 100-gallon trailer-mounted tank and blower pump and install 50 gallon tanks in 9 homes. Gateway Rotary was the lead club, and we and other clubs in the District helped finance the project. On Monday Bill Ure and I attended to a “GoTo Meeting” grants seminar that is meant to educate at least one or two members of each club about grants, so that they can sign a Memorandum of Understanding . The MOU is all part of creating a program for returning to clubs part of the donations they made in the past, so they can use them for projects.

Rotary Serving Humanity at the Mobile Food Pantry

After the geese examined his phone and found it inedible, they left deposits on the phone which he later had to wipe off. The wreath making at Alaska Botanical Gardens was very successful and lots of fun! Thanks go out to William Criner, Garden and Facilities, Alaska Botanical Garden for hosting our monthly social event, and to Mary Rohlfing for coordinating members and payments. Artists were Kathleen Madden, Terry Allard, Anne Adasiak-Andrew, Adam Szabo, and Mary Rohlfing. VTTs reflect the Rotary Foundation’s long-standing commitment to vocational training. Activities vary from one team to the next but examples may include training medical professionals on cardiac surgery and care, sharing best practices on early childhood education, or explaining new irrigation techniques to farmers. A successful VTT increases the capacity of the host community to solve problems and improve the quality of life. I mentioned our garden box project will grow food that in part will go to the Children’s Lunchbox Program. Mary Rohlfing made the final promotion for the wreath making social event at the Alaska Botanical Garden on October 4. On Tuesday Jeff Blake and I attended the West High Interact Club. Over the weekend the club decided to have a bake sale, and a group of the club members set up a table today in the hallway to sell sweets.

A particular challenge for these students will be the cost to their families to participate in the program. Raquel Edelen, our incoming social chair and vice president of operations for “that hotel down the street”, spoke about the Foundation auction which will be held there November 12. We are targeting 150 attendees including our members, members from other clubs and people from the district. There might be a $50 room rate, and the Ken Peltier Band may supply musical entertainment. Raquel mentioned that only brand-new items will be accepted for the auction, and now is the time to keep an eye open for things that might be purchased and sold for more at the auction. Raquel mentioned a power washer from Costco, for example. I announced the next step in our club’s garden box district grant which we are participating with three other Rotary clubs. We meet on Saturday at the home of Amy Mackey-Hornak, president of Anchorage South, to build about 32 garden boxes to complete this stage of the project. Restaurant services; restaurant, bar and cafeteria services; catering services providing food and beverages on and off the premises; fast food services. Musical instruments; musical boxes; musical statuettes ; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods. The registrar and Afilias also reserve the right to suspend a domain name or its registration data during resolution of a dispute. The 2016 Council on Legislation may well be remembered as one of the most progressive in Rotary history. Not only did this Council grant clubs more freedom in determining their meeting schedule and membership, it also approved an increase in per capita dues of $4 a year for three years. The increase will be used to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, and add programs and services to help clubs increase membership. At our regular Rotary meeting on Wednesday, September 28, our exchange student, Zoe Johannsen was our program. In last week’s Eastwind, President Paul mentioned that there were opportunities for hands-on international service with AER’s District 5010 grants. One of those grants is for $4000 ($2000 from District funds, matched by AER’s $2000) and is to provide water filters for families and schools that do not have access to safe water in a rural area of Mexico south of Puerto Vallarta. There was much delight and appreciation expressed from the recipients. The $315 profit made from this project were distributed equally to ShelterBox USA , Helping Hands for Nepal (for the Nepalese children’s shoes that grow with them) and Malawi Children’s Village (for education support for HIV/AIDS orphans). Thank you to Interactors who delivered the pies, Melly, Emma, and Steve, as well as AER volunteer drivers Heather Flynn, Katie Johnson, Tam Agosti-Gisler, and East teachers Laron Thomas and Travis Cooper. Kudos to Costco DeBarr for donating 10 pies and Rich Dyson who sponsored the pie for Interact students to enjoy as they wrapped up the campaign at their meeting before Thanksgiving. When you talk to people about what Rotary is, consider mentioning the “membership drive” aspect which is our Rotary youth exchange program. Even if a youth exchange student does not pursue Rotary membership, or a person you invite to lunch does not become a member, they go away from the experience with a positive view of what our organization does, and this word can spread to others. Our speaker was Douglas Plume, who was an exchange student from our club years ago, and this fall starts law school at Boston University. He gave a timely talk about the benefit to him to have been in the exchange program. There were many good questions asked of him at the end of his remarks. Our latest exchange student, Adam Szabo, will arrive on August 3. Barb Swenson was pleased to announce she has met Adam our exchange student, is very pleased to see David Hoffman back at a club meeting and is happy to be enjoying the good food and grand hospitality of the Captain Cook Hotel.

Anchorage East Rotary Highlights (Jan.

On Friday the Communications committee met at the Alaska Bagel Restaurant. Jeff Blake, Chris Wolpert, Tony Freije and myself met over lunch. One idea that came up was to create PSAs about our Mobile Food Pantry, garden box project and other club events. At the board meeting we also decided to start a program whereby for $25 per month, members can place their business card in the Eastwind, our online weekly newsletter. Last Saturday our club participated in the Mobile Food Pantry at the Fairview Recreation Center. We assist the Food Bank of Alaska to distribute mostly perishable food to people in need. The folks who work at the FBOA exhibit service above self to help provide basic necessities to folks in our community. Our members, their family and friends show up rain, snow or shine to make this distribution work. Our community service committee has a lot of money to distribute. Applications for grant money could propose to support vocational training. Please think of some worthy local cause that could use grant money and talk to Christian Deykes or Rebecca Sentner. On Wednesday just before the meeting, our exchange student Adam Szabo, myself and many others attended the East High Interact Club meeting. There was further discussion about how to proceed with the club this year. A transition from District Grant to Global Grant may look like a project which succeeds on a smaller level and then is scaled to a larger project. Our own members Sandra Wicks and Bruce Phelps, for instance, have long had their own organization for raising monies to fund outstanding projects in Mexico, including water filters and scholarships. From time to time these projects have been funded in part by a District Grant. I think that the water filter project in particular may be a great one to scale up to a Global Grant which might reach many more people, while in the meantime Bruce and Sandra’s organization helps with the immediate and ongoing need. You can end Foundation Month on a charitable note by participating in Giving Tuesday, 27 November. Rotary will be joining thousands of other organizations worldwide for a global day of giving. Our new online giving platform has made it easier than ever to give to the Foundation, and you can easily notify someone of a gift made in their honor via email or by printing and delivering a customized notification yourself. We usually refer to The Rotary Foundation as Our Foundation. Unlike most charities, our Foundation is truly Our Foundation, because it is both supported by the Rotary family, and supports the work we do. This year, our Foundation has already approved 222 district grants, with $31.9 million USD in total funding, and 41 global grants, with $11.9 million in total funding. Our ambitious goals to grow our endowment and our annual giving set the stage for a larger, more effective, more sustainable Rotary—that will Be the Inspiration for generations to come.

  • The no-fine button will not be auctioned off each month as in the past.
  • Karla Jutzi, Executive Director, accepted the check and also talked about upcoming Food Bank events because she held the no-fine button this week.
  • Our district grant for PETs (the three-wheeled mobility carts) for Guatemala provided the funds for 43 PETs.
  • Sally Archer was happy that about 10 people showed up that the memorial service for Marjorie Poggas’s husband.

After the bear, Dan obtained a master’s degree in social work from UAA. Dan is now director of therapeutic foster care for Denali Family Services, the largest therapeutic foster-care provider in the state. He community garden at Shepherd of the Hills that was funded by the AER Community Service grant is almost complete as far as the construction goes. Simplify domain management with expert advice from pros. Country code Top-Level Domains are a separate group of domains. The Chicago Law and Education Foundation’s Attorney will be available to speak with the public about any legal issue including immigration, housing, and orders of protection. Light Speed PHP – Mod_lsapi is the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages. It has a low memory footprint and includes PHP directives for .htaccess files and doesn’t suffer from stability issues in process management like PHP FPM and mod_fcgid. It’s compatible with MPM Worker and Event and it does not require agreement. MySQL Governor – MySQL is one of the main causes of problems on a shared server. MySQL Governor monitors the use of MySQL and limits the abusers, preventing them from overloading the server, which improves stability and overall performance. Rest easy with access to your backup copies at any time up to a 14-day period. If the domain was registered recently, you may need to try again later. The domain you entered does not appear to be registered. Please ensure you have unlocked your domain at your current registrar before continuing. NorthWest Copper starts drilling at Lorraine project in… Mining Transition Metals begins diamond drill program at Aylmer Project… Leather and made of these materials ; animal skins, hides; trunks and travelling bags; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery. Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles ; decorations for Christmas trees; face masks; toe covers. Clothing articles, namely, jackets, pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jerseys, long trousers, short trousers, skirts, shirts, t-shirts, fitness and yoga apparel, and socks; footwear; headwear, namely, hats, caps, and visors. In-line skates and parts and components thereof, namely, wheels, wheel bearings, and brake pads; sports protective devices, namely, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure.

AERIE Meeting This Week

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We stopped into Knysna Rotary and had a wonderful lunch. Great conversations about race relations and Rotary projects. For both Hilary and I, this was our first time going to a Rotary Club outside the U.S. Our exchange student, Yuga Takahashi, will be returning to his home in Japan on July 13th. So there is still a little bit of time to invite him to participate in a fun activity. You can call him directly if you have his number or contact Rich Dyson to arrange. Last Wednesday President Paul met up with a group to help greet Jeffrey Harris, who is returning from a year in Finland as a Rotary exchange student. Bob announced a campaign to encourage Rotarians to sign up for Rotary Direct. You can do this on line at /give or Bob will distribute forms next week if you prefer to sign up the old fashioned way. You can select the amount you want to contribute (minimum is $10), the frequency and the method. You can select which causes you would like to support; the Annual Fund is the usual selection, as a portion of these funds come back to the District over time. However, you may also choose the Polio Fund or one of several other good choices. Bob Cox gave an update on the Rotary Foundation Committee at the weekly Club luncheon on August 1. The Committee held their first meeting of the new Rotary year on July 30 to set goals and plan activities. A key goal for the year is expanding Club participation in Foundation giving. Bob noted that while Anchorage East Rotary is one of the most generous clubs in the District, only 70% of active members contributed to the Foundation in the last Rotary year. The upside opportunity is to encourage the other 40 or so Rotarians to join the fun. I urge everyone to think of who they might invite to check out Rotary. It would be nice if it is a prospective member for Anchorage East, but there are about 7 clubs in the Anchorage area which meet at different times, and each of which has its own distinctive atmosphere. Today I visited the second meeting of the Interact Club at West High. John Ruhlin, the faculty adviser, had the students tape together boxes to create places for plastic to be collected for later delivery to a larger bin. I attended the luncheon meeting on Thursday for Anchorage South, where the presenter was from Children’s Lunchbox, which is a program of Beans Café. This is one of the programs to which the produce from our garden boxes will be donated. For a mere $25, you can place your business card in the Eastwind for a whole month. This is a great, and cheap, way to get your business noticed by fellow Rotarians. It’s always better to do business with people you know and trust, so this is a good way to let our membership know what goods and services you can offer. Just hand your card to Chris Wolpert or Rich Dyson and watch your business grow. Each year, district and global grants from The Rotary Foundation provide teacher training, integration of technology into classroom curriculum, and adult literacy programs to communities. Gifts to the Annual Fund make these grants possible, meaning that learners of all ages have access to quality education and a bright future. Michelle Tabler announced today is her granddaughter’s third birthday and that next week is her last working at the Better Business Bureau.

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Sally Archer was happy that about 10 people showed up that the memorial service for Marjorie Poggas’s husband. Marjorie expressed thanks for the support and kindness she has received from us during this period of time. There was fellowship and comradery at our Board meeting last week as the board shared food and drink in a beautiful location high above Anchorage and worked through issues to make our club work better. The 10 – 15 students present discussed projects they might want to do during the rest of the school semester. I suggested that they might want to participate in the Shelterbox challenge, which is to raise money and sleep in one of these tents in the middle of winter. One of the students expressed little enthusiasm and thought she would have to raise more than $200 to make it worth it. On Tuesday morning, Jeff Blake, Karen Smith and I attended the West High Interact Club. About 14 students and the teacher advisor John Ruhlin were present. Karen handed out a sign-up sheet for 8 students who might want to help at the Beer Fest. This meeting was spent with team building exercises including “Scategories” and “Speed Dating”. Anne Adasiak-Andrew thanked Rich, Katie, Kelly and others who have assisted her family as the host family for our exchange student Adam. On Thursday there was a meeting of the Brew Crew to further plan for the February 16 Beer Fest. Present were Adam Sikorski, myself, Rich Dyson, Kelly McCormack, Tony Freije, Shawn Florio and five other non- club members, including Dr. Fermento. There was discussion of the selection of judges for the event, and all the other details that are involved. Through our service projects, peace fellowships, and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education and unequal distribution of resources. Present were Adam Sikorski, Rich Dyson, Lance Wilber, Shawn Florio, Tony Freije, Jess Gutzwiler, Brandon Snodgrass, yours truly and one other. There was further of the final details for the event, including the advertising to occur within this last week. Conor Hlavinka had the No Fine Button, and spoke about his new line of work with Residential Mortgage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrim Bank. This company offers extensive services for loans on 1 – 4 unit properties. Conor looks forward to creating relationships with clients which will lead to meeting their needs in this area.

The project provided more than 1,000 people with access to proper toilet facilities and almost 600 people with a regular supply of clean water. March is Water and Sanitation Month on the Rotary calendar. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life. When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and parents spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families. The club is well into the project of preparing backpacks for homeless students. John Ruhlin the teacher advisor pitched members coming to our next Mobile Food Pantry which is this Saturday. I was present as the club got more businesslike and considered an agenda of items. Kim Liland the teacher adviser emphasized and modeled the process of leadership, including 1) officers should look to delegate tasks, and 2) members should think how to bring in new members and brainstorm new ideas for projects. Shannon Ferris, our contact there, said they are looking for a couple of Rotarians who might want to sit and listen to the students explain their science projects. If there is anyone interested, please contact our Shirley Nelson. Our exchange student Adam Szabo introduced his guest Jonah Folds, who is part of Adam’s current host family. Our club is sponsoring Jonah this year as an exchange student outbound to Czech Republic. Adam is from Slovakia, and Jonah may end up in an area about an hour away from Adam, or several hours away. Jonah’s sister Rowan was an exchange student to Germany a year or two ago. Jonah, Adam & Rowan are officers in the East High Interact Club. We were visited by our exchange student Adam Szabo and his “host sister” Rowan Folds, who was a Rotary exchange student in Germany sponsored by the Downtown club. Rick Benjamin was happy that today is the March equinox, aka the vernal equinox. The internet tells me this is the time in the earth’s annual cycle around the sun in which day and night are equal in length. Rich also invited all members to join the scholarship committee which is starting up its duties again this year. Marjorie Poggas made further appeal to us for a host family for our inbound exchange student. Also, Adam Szabo our present exchange student will need a family for a few weeks. She reminded us her father was a District Governor for our District during 1989 – 1990, and when he passed she collected many Rotary pins from his garments. He considered a Rotarian without a Rotary pin to be a “naked” Rotarian. On our recent trip in Washington and British Columbia, we attended a session of the Columbia Center Rotary Club in Kennewick, WA, and showed them the PowerPoint of the day we spent with Tepic Paraiso Rotary Club delivering ours and their water filters. We also attended the Kennewick club’s International Service Committee meeting and explained about the water filters in more detail than was possible during the Rotary meeting. Three hundred high school students from across the Anchorage and Mat-Su School District will be invited and encouraged to participate in this event designed to jump start their post-secondary planning. Students will be bused from their high schools to the Hilton. Students will rotate in small groups through mentors aligned with their interest areas.

Can anyone pick Yuga up from South High School and get him to lunch? We would also need someone to get him back to the Smith house after lunch. As a professional, my first career as a freelance photographer has evolved with the advent of social media to that of a one-person media company. I’ve come to embrace and enjoy expressing my personal brand through the creation of visual, spoken, and written content. As a business owner navigating the opportunities of the attention economy, I’ve developed habits to stay adaptive and resourceful. Life these days feels like a beautiful, ever-evolving work of art. I invest my time between co-parenting my preschool daughter, Ida Luna, and toddler son, Rio Esteban, with my former spouse Laura Norton-Cruz. When I’m not with the kiddos, I’m actively pursuing a lifestyle that aligns my talents with the innate curiosity I was born with. I’m also an avid cyclist and swimmer that is currently learning to roller skate. Terrific AER participation with 24 enthusiastic volunteers for the Mobile Food Pantry distribution held this past Saturday! We served 76 client households with wholesome items provided by the Food Bank of AK. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are sons of Ricky Nelson and Grand kids to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. They sing popular sing-along Christmas songs and they share stories, videos, and pictures of their family Christmases with their family. There will be food and a beer and wine garden available as well. Here is a link to a tease of what the show will be like. Our leading club, from Juneau-Gastineau, contributed $7,260 to PolioPlus so far. In fact, the Juneau clubs are our true polio champions with Juneau-Glacier Valley ranking 3rd with over $6,800. Noteworthy is that only 8 clubs have met or exceeded the RI Challenge of $1500 per club. Additionally, 40% of our clubs (that’s 16 clubs) have contributed nothing to PolioPlus this year. It is critical we have all clubs on board if we are going to meet RI’s funding commitment of $50,000,000 each year for 3 years and take advantage of the Gates Foundation 2 for 1 match. Currently, District 5010 leads the way with contributing 20% of our DDF Funding to PolioPlus. Also, with combining the district’s $35,000 check with individual clubs’ contributions so far, we rank 3rd in our zone for per capita giving. As we were walking around Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we noticed a poster advertising a Rotary fundraising project in conjunction with the local firefighters – a dog wash. Of course, we had to go see it so we could make a report to AER.

Mary Rohlfing and her husband made an excellent video of this project which will be shown at the District Conference May 3 – 5. This year our club hosted Interact Clubs at East High and West High. Christian Deykes, co-chair of the Community Service Committee announced the Mobile Food Pantry this Saturday, and noted that this Rotary year we have served over 1000 families. Christian and his co-chair Rebecca Sentner will be leaving the board next year so there is a need for a new chair or co-chairs. Adam announced he will be donating his own art work to the Foundation auction. Adam was also happy to announce that an 85% increase in salmon is expected this year, especially in the Copper River. We sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in honor of the start of the major league baseball season, and to highlight our multi-club project headed by our own Carolyn Jones. This project places advertising at Mulcahy stadium and promotes Rotary through various activities during the Glacier Pilots season. Past District Governor Harry Kieling distributes backpack to the East High Interact Club to be filled with needed items for homeless students in our community. More adventures with water filters in Mexico and Kennewick, WA. In 2009 Anchorage East Rotary adopted a refugee family from Nepal that the Refugee Services program of Catholic Social Services resettled in Anchorage. Many Rotarians assisted the family in lots of different ways for their first year in Anchorage. Attached is a picture of the family of Amber Bhattarai at our house their first Christmas in America. Have been invited to this luncheon to learn more about the program. Anchorage East Rotary members have been invited to participate as mentors at the Alaska World Affairs Council’s third annual Speed Mentoring – International Edition event on Thursday, February 20 at the Hilton Hotel. Many of our members participated in the past two events. The .com and .net domain names of old are no longer the premier domain spaces of todays web. The doors have been flung open, and a new set of domain names are set to take over the Internet. Webnames Corporate is a division of Inc. that helps companies secure and manage their domain name portfolios and to protect their brand marks online. From beginners to native speakers, all are welcome to come and enjoy speaking Spanish in this community-led program presented in partnership with the Blackstone Branch Library. SecureLinks – SecureLinks is a kernel-level technology that prevents all known symbolic link attacks. It further improves the level of server security and prevents malicious users from creating symbolic link files (where an attacker forces the Apache Web server to read other users’ PHP configuration files). CageFS – CageFS is a user-virtualized file system that encapsulates each client in a unique way, preventing users from seeing each other and displaying sensitive information. CageFS prevents a large number of attacks, including most escalating privilege and information disclosure attacks. It’s completely transparent to your customers, without having to change their scripts. Your online services are secure with SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt. Your certificate is automatically renewed before the due date. Bags specially adapted for sports equipment, snowboard, snowboard boots, snowboard. Skateboards and parts thereof, namely ball bearings and wheels, snow skates, scooters, protective equipment, namely elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and gloves. Helmuts for use with snowboarding, skateboarding, scootering and bicycling. In-line skates and parts thereof, namely ball bearings. We detected the domain you entered is an international domain name. In order to continue, please select your desired domain language. The following fees apply incase manual support from our staff is necessary to relay DNSSEC key material. SUPPORT FOR DNSSECWe allow you to add DNSSEC on your domain upon request by relaying orders to add, remove or change public key material (e.g., DNSKEY or DS resource records) on your behalf to Registries operating under contract with ICANN that support DNSSEC. Registrant is required to certify that the information and documentation it submitted in the validation process remains true, complete, and accurate at least once every two years after initial validation. You must take steps to ensure against misrepresenting or falsely implying that you or your business is affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by one or more country’s or government’s military forces if such affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement does not exist. You have the right to change the billing contact or proxy and to pay the registry, DK Hostmaster, directly.

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The no-fine button will not be auctioned off each month as in the past. Members can sign up to use the privilege on a weekly basis for $50. Non-profit announcements will still cost $40 and will need to be coordinated in advance through either President Paul or Rich Dyson. Adam Sikorski mentioned that August 11 is the Soldotna Beer Fest, an event held by Rotary, and the inspiration for our club’s beer fest. Bill Ure asked the club to inform him of particular programs that they might want at our club. Bill is our vice president and is in charge of programs this year. Our exchange student Adam Szabo plans to go for his second round of golf with Bob Cox and Dave Kester. I encouraged us all to consider things we can do with our exchange student Adam Szabo from Slovakia. I saw that John Kagerer later took him on a flight-fishing trip in his plane. East exchange student, Adam Szabo, and rebound student, Rowan Folds, enjoy dinner at the Varsity Grill with Kristen and Rich Dyson prior to the UAA volleyball game on September 27th. On Tuesday, Karen Smith, Jeff Blake, Adam Sikorski and I attended the West High Interact club. Adam addressed a packed room of about 40 students with comments about how he came to be interested in fighting human trafficking. One possible way for the Interact club to be involved is to help at the coat check in counter at the next Beer Fest. I announced that Tuesday, October 2, starting at 4p, is our next step in the garden box project. We shall be constructing a number of boxes at Tudor Road Elementary. Vocational training teams (“VTTs”) are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about a particular field or to learn more about their own. Teams can be funded by district grants and global grants. I announced that our club’s visioning project will take place November 7, with more information to come. We shall be looking for 20 – 25 members to participate. Our speaker chose to have $50 donated in her name to Children’s Lunchbox Program. I read a description that this charity is a program of Bean’s Café, and it is a local non-profit dedicated to feeding hungry children in safe community environments. It provides meals to local community programs serving children, and packages and deliver thousands of bagged meals to each of the Title 1 schools in Anchorage. This program also provides meals for children in the summer when school is out. Everyone in the club is encouraged to show up at these meetings to observe the good work our members do to keep all our club’s “moving pieces” in motion. The meetings are the second Thursday of each month at the Captain Cook. We were reminded once again to include our exchange student Adam Szabo in activities he might enjoy. Anne Adasiak-Andrew said make sure to bring Cocoa Puffs. At our Board meeting last week, our Board voted to contribute money to the operation of these two Interact clubs. As you know, our club sponsors the Interact Club at West High and the Interact Club at East High. Each club has a teacher adviser who spends his lunch hour hosting and adding direction to the club. These advisors are not paid to do this work; they are committed to the students. Under the lead of our member Shirly Nelson, we support the work of elementary school teachers in ASD by reading to kindergarten, first and second grade students.

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On the flight back Dennis Casey was in the seat behind her. Duff also mentioned that at last week’s meeting at the Captain Cook, on the 10th floor, he looked out over the Inlet and for the first time saw a true Fata Morgana, which made the Inlet Towers appear to him as if it was floating in front of the Alaska Range. Wikipedia tells me it is a complex form of superior mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon. It is an Italian term named after the Arthurian sorceress Morgana le Fay, from a belief that these mirages, often seen in the Strait of Messina, were fairy castles in the air or false land created by her witchcraft to lure sailors to their deaths. IHome Western Visayas, Inc., wants to include in its housing projects an inexpensive on-site wastewater treatment system so effluent from 6 to 10 households can be treated before it is discharged to the environment. More than 800 houses will soon be built in the proposed pilot site and a water pollution disaster is likely to occur in the immediate neighborhood if nothing is done. In the proposed relocation site is a water pumping station for the domestic water supply of the whole Barangay. Continuing with the Rotary theme for March, Water and Sanitation, I want to revisit one of our club’s District Grants for this year. Generally speaking, a District Grant is a “shovel ready” type of projects which must be completed in one Rotary year, and the club’s contribution is matched by money from RI International. …But let me tell you, there’s nothing so warm as the welcomes that have been rolled out for me by Rotaractors. These are young people who are committed to Rotary ideals, who are pouring their hearts into service, and who, in the process, don’t forget to have fun. At the Community Service Committee, Bruce Phelps confirmed that he will again be heading up the highway cleanup that our club does of a stretch of road between Lake Otis Parkway and New Seward Highway on Northern Lights Boulevard. Our meeting consisted first of my making a few remarks about the state of our club, during which I mentioned some of the many things that we do to improve the world around us. Marjorie also gave an update of RYLA, at which she was a chaperone. She got a chance to gently harass our member Chris Birch who sits in the legislature, and she also mentioned that one of our students, Levi, received an award. She was impressed with Levi and intends to invite him to one of our lunches. Marjorie Poggas was sitting at the table even though this month is not her birthday month. She was $10 happy to explain that last month was her birthday month, but she was unable to sit at the birthday table then because she was ill, and now is making up for that missed opportunity. After we start the ’19 – ’20 Rotary year on July 1, the International Committee and the Community Service Committee, and later the Beer Fest Committee will be gearing up to consider projects. Please think about what need you have seen that we might address and be prepared to participate on these committees. Anchorage Gateway’s cost-effective water tank delivery solution makes use of the best quality water sources already available in town and uses time-tested, low-technology techniques which are also low-cost and low-maintenance, hence easily sustainable. The City of Kalskag has developed a regular water delivery service to the homes with Rotary tanks already installed at very low cost to the City and the recipients. After the East High Interact meeting I met with Mr. Harder, a teacher at East who is in charge of greenhouse activities. He is available to prepare a bunch of starts for us to use with the garden box project. After the meeting, Craig met with Gloria Castenada, Gretchen Klein, Carolyn Jones and me about the future work of the social committee. She took us on a detailed and excellent photo journey in Nepal which highlighted efforts to empower women through promoting entrepreneurship. She pointed out that improvement in any one of the three areas of health, job creation or education, will tend to break the cycle of poverty. Jay proposed a $200,000 Rotary global grant to this end. I emailed Jay later to be in touch with George Elgee, if she has not already. George is the global grants lead for District 5010 and is a good resource. Craig Bledsoe updated his travels, noting that women’s role in aviation is ever expanding. He called for a meeting of the social committee after the meeting. I am reminded of a remark by our member Jay Jackson at the recent presentation she made to our club. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation, all of which can be prevented. Helping mothers to gain both physical health and economic health lifts the entire family out of poverty and allows them to prosper. Periodically we recognize a teacher and student from either Bartlett High or East High. Most recently we recognized Kim Liland, the teacher advisor for the East High Interact club, together with one of her students. Under the leadership of our own Shirley Nelson, we have trouped to Baxter Elementary School most Thursday mornings to read to, or be read to by, kindergarten through second graders.

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At the fire station, the junior firefighters and junior emergency first responders, in their uniforms and under the supervision of Rotarians, groomed, washed and dried the dogs. Other young members of the force got equipment and physical training. It was good to see so many young people engaged in a very productive way. It is my goal for the remainder of this year and through next year working with Adam Sikorski to make the process, timing, and opportunity to participate available to everyone. With that in mind, please join us for a no-host after-work session. I am available to write the grant once the committee has reviewed our options. Laura Blackwood is the Director of the above-mentioned concert. She has been at Bartlett for two years and has 5 choir classes with 250 students total. She “loves to see the progress that is happening at Bartlett.” Laura is from Dallas via Liberty University. She received $250 to help with her classroom expenses. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to and let her know if you will be bringing a guest. We would like to present the Hilton with as accurate of a count as possible for their planning purposes. Payments for the event will be accepted at the door on Wednesday evening. The cost for the event is $50 per person and the Hilton is providing a wonderful meal of roasted strip loin steak and seared salmon, side dishes and dessert. If you live in the East school zone, we can still set you up with Adam, our next inbound Rotary Exchange student from Slovokia. Shawn Florio and Shelia Lomboy are co-chairs for the membership committee this year. Consider bringing in folks who you think might make a good addition to our club. Our two most recent members are Laurie Hoefer and Justin Mills. During Sandra Wicke’s presentation to our club, she called on other members to share thoughts with the club about their service work, including Carolyn Jones, Berry Kirksey and Jay Jackson. During our July 25 lunch meeting, Rebecca Sentner, co-chair of the Community Services Committee, distributed checks from our club to the Government Hill Commons and to the American Diabetes Association . Heather also agreed to buy the No Fine Button for next week. For this year, we have decided to have a sign-up list for people to buy it for a one-time opportunity for $50. Tuesday, August 14, we fill with soil existing concrete planters at Springhill Elementary, and I just did an email blast to remind everyone. This is a good example of Rotary working to make the world a little better in our community. Last Wednesday, August 8, a group of members from our club joined Rotarians from other clubs, and other folks , to construct 7 garden boxes at Abbott Loop Elementary. Bill Ure, Adam Sikorski, Craig Bledsoe, Woody Angst, Berry Kirksey, Bob Cox, Dennis Bookey, Christian Deykes, Emily Rohrabaugh and Frank Cahill helped complete the task in only about an hour and one-half. Karla Jutzi, Executive Director, accepted the check and also talked about upcoming Food Bank events because she held the no-fine button this week. Jeff Blake from the Communications Committee reviewed what he and co-chair Chris Wolpert have planned for this year.

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The club has decided to take over a project that another teacher was leading to put together boxes of food to distribute around Christmas. I also confirmed that officers from the club will be making a presentation at our club that they put together about the fight against human trafficking. District Governor Diane Fejes was the program this week. Advice she expressed that resonated with me is to consider a satellite club which meets outside of the Wednesday lunch period. She thinks this might be a good way to attract younger members. She senses change in what Rotary meetings will look like in the future.

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