Here's What Dave Ramsey Has to Say About Sharing Your Stimulus Check

Looking for advice on how to lose debt and stop living in slavery to your money? Dave Ramsey is your guy. He also has some thoughts regarding whether or not you should be sharing your stimulus check with those who need it more. 

In a recent Knox News article the following question was posed: 

“Should my wife and I tithe on our stimulus checks? She thinks we should, but I’m not sure. In my mind, we already gave our money to Caesar — so to speak — and now he’s just giving it back. What do you think?”

Ramsey responded with a gracious challenge. On one side, he reminds his audience, that the money that’s been given to us is actually our money, taken from taxpayer dollars, so it’s up to each of us to decide what to do with the extra money. 

With that said, if you’re not sure how to spend it and all of your immediate needs are taken care of, you can decide if you want to give it to someone who needs it more. Ramsey shares that “you really can’t go wrong being generous.”

He adds, “The tithe is your baseline for generosity. You shouldn’t tithe or not tithe because of a set of rules, but if you’re having a theological or philosophical discussion about the tithe and how it works, I think your reasoning is sound.”

Ramsey is careful not to tell people what to do with their stimulus checks and steers clear from guilting anyone into a works-based form of giving, saying, “It’s certainly not a salvation issue, but generosity is a good rhythm to have in your life.”

He ends by saying, “I’ve just always had an attitude of when in doubt, it’s better to give.” 

Did you share any of all of your stimulus check with someone in need? We want to hear your story! Click here to tell us how you decided to share! 

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