Austin, TX Man Decides to Give His Stimulus Money Away

Back in March the COVID-19 pandemic that once felt like a distant bad dream began to have a widespread impact on life in America — businesses closed, schools were canceled, and life as we knew it was put on pause.

Social distancing measures have had a positive impact when it’s come to containing the spread of the virus, however, it’s impact on the economy has been close to devastating.

With millions jobless and without income, the US Federal Government has attempted to help ease the financial burden by depositing stimulus checks to eligible individuals at an amount of $1200 per adult and $500 for every dependent. 

People around the nation took to social media, sharing how they were choosing to spend their stimulus check. While some have used the money on essentials like rent and groceries, many of the individuals who received a check but haven’t seen a loss of income due to COVID-19 are spending their checks on things like new shoes, furniture, and so on. 

When Bob Hardister of Austin, Texas learned of the stimulus package, he and his wife decided that instead of keeping the money for themselves, they would pledge their stimulus check on Share the Stimulus, thinking of a few people who could use the money more than them. 

He shared his story with us, saying that he chose to share half of his stimulus check with his wife’s sister — “She lost her job a few months ago after 30+ years in a good career. In between jobs she became very ill, had no medical insurance, had major surgery, and now has no money or job. This was a great opportunity to further help and support her.” 

The other half was shared with a Reformed University Fellowship International minister at Texas A&M in College Station whose donor base was significantly impacted by the virus. 

Hardister said that “it was a joy and a blessing to us to give this money away.” 

Are you looking for a way to give back during this time? Join thousands of others like Bob and pledge to share your stimulus check to those who are hurting the most due to COVID-19! 

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