5 Inspiring Stories of How People are Sharing the Stimulus

Share the Stimulus is a simple prompt of generosity — If you’re financially able, instead of spending your stimulus check on yourself, share it with someone who needs it more.

In the last month, thousands of individuals have taken the pledge to donate a portion or all of their stimulus money. 

Here are five stories of how people have shared: 

1. An anonymous donor paid for medical coverage for an expecting family

“I asked a friend who is a chef if any of her coworkers were in need of financial help. She immediately thought of a restaurant colleague whose wife is expecting a baby soon. I preferred to remain anonymous so my friend communicated my behalf and the family very graciously accepted money that allows them to continue to have medical coverage through the baby’s birth.”

2. Nate L. of Denver, Colorado shared with his siblings who needed the money more than him 

“I split the $1,200 from my stimulus check between my brother and sister, giving them $600 each. Both of them still qualify as dependents, but are living in tough financial situations at the current time. My sister has health issues and doesn’t receive much of an income, while my brother is a missionary with YWAM living in Norway and relies completely on support for his income. Both needed this money much more than I did, so I decided to give them each a $600 boost. This brought me more joy than I could’ve ever received from spending the $1,200 myself on who knows what!” (Listen to his full story here)

3. Nikki K. and her husband from Denver, Colorado shared with a friend who is undocumented and won’t be receiving a stimulus check

“We both still have our jobs and we are actually saving money during this time while we are not eating out or going on trips. We have a friend who won’t be getting the stimulus check because she is undocumented. She works harder than anyone we know and pays taxes. We feel like she deserves and needs it more than we do! We plan to give some directly to her and some to local non-profits!”

4. Anna R. of Atlanta, Georgia decided to share in 3 unique ways

“I’m excited for the accountability of this project because I was hoping to find some creative ways to give, but I just hadn’t done it yet. Thanks for that! My husband and I decided to give to 3 different things: First, our home CrossFit gym owners because they are out of work for these months and we know their family well. Second, to the organization Love Beyond Walls, based in Atlanta, GA. Year round they serve folks in homelessness, but right now they have been so compassionate and creative to put up hand washing sinks all around the city. Now cities all over the country are following their lead! And lastly, we gave some to a private church ministry reaching out to elderly and vulnerable folks on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Many people don’t have running water or electricity on the reservations, so the needed hygiene is lacking for them. COVID rates for Native Americans in AZ are much higher than the rest of the state sadly.”

5. Hannah F. from Colorado shared with fellow church members who’ve seen income loss during COVID-19 

“We shared what would have been our stimulus money with folks in our church who work in the cash economy. This is a time for us to come together to support one another, for those of us who have extra to give it to those who have need. Even as we pursue economic justice on the national scale by pushing for necessary reforms, it is a time to be economically faithful on the most local of scales and supporting our neighbors in need.”

Did you share your stimulus check? We want to hear your story! Click the link below!

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